And The Umpire says: YOU’RE OUT!

Justice is often ssllloooooooww but the truth always comes through and even thougjh Democrats are very concerned with the firing of FBI Director James Comey, I am kind of giddy with glee because Comey was that son of a b*tch who threw Hilary Clinton’s campaign into chaos with his revelation that he was re-opening her case a 11 days before the presidential election. It cost Clinton dearly, Trump probably would have still lost but Comey’s actions are unforgivable .Therefore Comey would probably not help the dems when it came to the Russian Connection investoigation either. […]

The MYTH of the “UnDecided” Voter..and Thanks Obama

I voted absentee on Monday October 31st 2016.  Yes I voted for Clinton/ Kaine because I don’t believe in the myth of the undecided voter. NOTHING, especially a so called |October Surprise” can sway my thinking.   FOLKS We DON’T Want This See I cannot fathom how anyone can possibly not be aware of either candidate and I particularly cannot fathom Comey’s behavior.   This is Barack O’Bama’s fault for appointing a Republican to this position. Obama is the fool who put the proverbial fox in the hen house.   It is bad enough that […]


What the FBI Director’s letter about the Clinton emails really says It’s a good idea to read the letter before you report on it. FBI Director James Comey CREDIT: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais Oy. As of this writing, all three cable news networks are in a frenzy. FBI Director James Comey just sent a letter to Republican congressional committee chairs announcing that he’s taking a new look into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Another investigation! And right before the election! She could be indicted! Well, probably not. Indeed, almost definitely not. Here’s what the letter actually says: […]