Proxy..&..Out Actor Kate Jenkinson Talks About #Ballie

  I admit that it takes a lot to get me to make a video. I am just not the type to create soupy love song videos sung by girls with weak voices. So when characters like Bea Smith and Allie Novak come along, I give them all my attention. Besides not only is Kate Jenkinson a cutie pie, she's gay! Nothing that I admire more than watching authentically LESBIAN CHARACTER IN A LESBIAN STORY ARC…Oh and of course some other sites will be quick to tag the bisexual moniker on Jenkinson because she has […]

Major WENTWORTH Prison Ep 11 Spoiler Alert!

You Know You Want Me I became a Fan of the series Wentworth from the beginning and Danielle Cormack is just the right mix of adult sexiness and hotness that can easily morph into not so hotness given that she is a 47 year old inmate at a maximum security womens prison. Unlike the American Orange Is The New Black, Wentworth Prison doesn’t seem to need orchestral cues to guide the audience into knowing what is humorous and what is serious and even tragic. Either that or the acting is so damn good you don’t […]