That’s Right B!tches- DNA Don’t LIE

Yep Someone get Kensington Palace on the Line, I want to know where the @#*! was my wedding invite?  Well I do prefer to claim the French and German more than the British part. 

I’ve never been a believer in the “One Drop Rule” which states that if a person has one Drop of African Blood, (In my case Nigerian and Senegalese blood) then for all intents and purposes they are to be considered a Black Person.

Of course i have more than 1 drop of African blood coursing through my veins but I also have more British/French/Geman/ Belgian and and (Not shown)  Scandinavian  blood as well (Will post the flag later.)

So basically what i am trying to convey is that I do not identify as White or as ‘B;ack’ but as a Woman of Color with specific African and European ancestry.  How I identify is more important to me than how other identify me.

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