‘The Perfection’: A Thriller in the Key of BAT-SHIT Crazy & I Frukking LOVED It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What better a way to spend the weekend than to watch Allison Williams (GET OUT)  be seduced by Logan an Browning (Dear White People)?

Allison Williams is an ideal lead in this psychological thriller and Lesbionic rape/revenge romp on Netflix.

In the movie GET OUT Williams played the girlfriend of a successful African American photographer, who she lures to her family home so his brain can be stolen and transplanted into a white suburbanite.

Williams is great in these types of roles and could easily become our next cinematic: Scream Queen.

But let’s not be so willing to cast aside Logan Browning  (Who played Cellist (Elizabeth Logan)

In The Perfection Logan Browning wastes no time drawing viewers into her manic world of trying to achieve perfection in the world of classical music.

The Perfection’s subjects perform so elegantly, Richard Shepard’s “The Perfection,plays out as a series of movements, indulging in extreme shifts of key and tempo from one section to the next: For long stretches of time, it seems to be one kind of movie, and then, in a blink, it is something else entirely.The film begins as something like a drama. Charlotte (Allison Williams) as a former cello prodigy who stepped away from her vaunted post at “the premier private music facility for young cellists,”