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Help fuel a progressive grassroots network of local groups to resist the Trump Agenda. In every congressional district in the country, people like you are starting local groups and leading local actions. Are you standing indivisible with us? Then sign up for weekly actions and updates.

Every part of the progressive ecosystem is under threat by this President and Congress. The only way to win is by standing together, indivisible. These are the issues we think we can have the most impact on right now:

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are pushing for the replacement of the Supreme Court seat that will be available when Justice Kennedy retires, to be filled BEFORE the midterm elections.

The Implications of this happening are dire as LGBTQ rights are at stake, Women’s Reproductive  and Civil rights rights are at stake  and MOST Importantly Trump wants the new justice immediately sworn in to further obstruct Robert Muellers investigation, because if Trump is found guilty of any crime he will have created a court of hand 0icked judges who will most like allow him to get away with treason.



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