Wentworth Season 5 Release Date: Foxtel Changes Mind, Bea Smith To Return

Like many Wentwoth fans, I wanted to see Bea Smith in season 5. However despite rumors to the contrary, that isn’t going to happen (Well it could happen with Allie having flashbacks of scenes with Bea Smith that weren’t previously aired.) Wishful thinking.

When I saw the headline: Wentworth Season 5 Release Date: Foxtel Changes Mind, Bea Smith To Return I got excited, only to have the deception revealed upon reading the article.

I also want to see Allie’s return on Wentworth

Albeit I will admit that it’s pretty dodgy for the writers to have series 5 starting 18 months after Bea Smith’s death. It’s considered to be ‘Dodgy’ because this tactic allows the show’s writers to literally ‘DODGE’ having to address Allie’s immediate reaction upon her return to Wentworth and discovering that the woman she loves (Bea Smith) is dead, having been murdered by Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson.

Look, who wouldn’t be pissed at every single inmate at that point?: Pissed at how there was no one there for Smith when Tina Mercado


threatened to kill Smith

Pissed at


Juice for essentially mocking and taunting Smith when she asked for back-up.

Pissed at Doreen


For befriending and siding with Ferguson,

Pissed at Maxine


for telling Bea that Allie was going to die   (Which is what happens when you can’t breath on your own and is the reason why medical professionals are the ones who should share this news).

Despite the conundrum presented (Needing to maintain allies in prison) I would have wanted to tell all of them to: ‘Go fuck’ themselves.

Then there’s Joan Ferguson, whom I would immediately ‘shank’ or ‘shiv if I were Allie.

https://www.foxtel.com.au/content/dam/foxtel/insider/2016-03/WENTWORTHS4.jpgEven if Joan Ferguson was awaiting trial and subsequently convicted why is Ferguson still alive 18 months later?

Like I wrote in another blog post: I am: ‘Old School and gangsta (in my own middle class way) so if Bea Smith had to Go Down, then these HOs also go down.

Something Special

Bea Smith and Allie Novak’s romance was important to many viewers. It was important because the chemistry was off the charts, it was important because of the age difference and because of the promise of emotionally deep episodes to come. Which is what I wanted to see.

Now though the show is analogous to a puddle that forms after a rain storm, you step in it and your foot gets wet,  Then you step into the next puddle only to discover that it’s a deep hole in which you quickly sink to the bottom.

What an unwanted and awkward Surprise!

They shouldn’t have killed Bea Smith off, just my opinion. 

I remember reading a tweet by Danielle Cormack, where she commented about a model writing: ‘Getting a bit obsess y with this woman’ (referring to the model in the picture):



Kind of like how Fans of Wentworth got a bit ‘obsessy’ with THIS woman:


Bea Smtih


And THIS Woman:


Allie Novak