This Was Her Plan From The Start

Yes I am guilty of “Shipping” I’ve shipped Bea and Allie since season 3. Not in the delusional NONEXISTENT lesbian story arc Rizzoli and Isles way, but in the EXISTING lesbian story arc Bea and Allie way.

That’s why in my previous post about Wentworth Prison I expressed m y doubts about Allie’s survival.


What the hell was Joan “The FREAK” Ferguson’s plan all along?

Is her plan to:

Be reinstated as the “governor” (warden) at Wentworth Prison?

Kill the guard and others (including Bea Smith)  who can testify that Ferguson is a murderer?

Place Bea Smith in a position where she is absolutely powerless.

What was Ferguson’s plan all along?





Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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