The Only Time Lorraine Struggles With Vulnerability Is With Delphine

Charlize Theron Addresses How That ‘Atomic Blonde’ Lesbian Sex Scene Impacts Her Character

Look, give me a break! If others can write incessantly about the  regurgitation of a tired lesbian series, or wax poetically about barely funny Tina Fey, then i can post about true babes in Hollywood, call  me a ‘lookist’ if you want, i don’t care! – tekgirl

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By Ciara Pitt

The badass, alluring adventure that is Atomic Blonde will hit theaters in less than a week. Charlize Theron is leading the film with her character Lorraine Broughton, an unapologetic MI6 agent with a cold exterior. But breaking bones and taking names isn’t the only action Lorraine is getting — she has a sexy encounter with a woman, Delphine, played by Sofia Boutella.

The actress addressed the importance of her sex scene with Boutella. The encounter is not only provacative, but it also ties into Lorraine’s narrative and dynamic as a character.

The Only Time Lorraine Struggles With Vulnerability Is With Delphine

The steamy hook-up wasn’t included in the movie to draw attention or to be sexual for the sake of it. Lorraine is aloof and doesn’t connect well with others, but with Delphine, she is comfortable enough to let her guard down. Theron comments:

“This movie is furthered more than if she’d had a relationship with a man [Isn’t it always].

The one time she struggles with humanity and vulnerability is in that scene, so… I’m happy that it’s not with a man [So are millions of lesbians worldwide].

I’m happy there’s not one place in this movie that it’s because of a man that she has to deal with her brokenness. We’re trying to break rules here. I love me a lovemaking scene with a man. I love it in my real life. So I’ve got nothing against that.[

It’s sad that Theron has to placate the Fragile male ego with such disclaimers].

But I think it was good for this movie [Shyt it’s good for all her movies].

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