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Focus Features’ Atomic Blonde earned $2.421 million (-66%) on its second Friday for a likely $8m (-56%) second weekend and $33.9m ten-day total.

With a net worth of $120 million dollars, it’s not like Charlize Theron is hurting for money, I made my pleas to get viewers to this film, because I want to see more films like this, not just portrayals of strong women , but strong women who performs the majority of their own stunts and look good doing it..

I want to see beautiful women onscreen, call me shallow because I don’t  care.

I can see mediocre looking people anytime I want, all I have to do is look in the mirror, or step outside.

And to those haters who dislike beauty, Theron played to her strengths and her looks are her most profitable asset.  A Quote from the movie, Neon Demon: “Beauty Isn’t Everything, It’s The ONLY Thing.

Mediocrity in Movies is So NOT Politically Correct

Come on people!



Isn’t this is what you said you wanted?!



I am starting to suspect that Angelina Jolie may never have been in a lesbian relationship at all, for an allegedly bisexual woman she certainly is intent on keeping heterosexuality alive with her multiple marriages to men.

ALL THOSE GODDAMN, SICKENING and Whiny ARTICLES ABOUT DEAD LESBIANS ON TELEVISION SHOWS, low lesbian visibility in media! Then, when you get something handed to you on a silver platter what is your response? You turn your backs on it?! Un-fcuking believable. Well, no more empathy from me. Y’all a bunch of fake ass dykes. Makes me glad that I don’t post about shows like Orphan Black and I just wish I hadn’t written about sorry ass Wonder Woman.

Nonetheless: Atomic Blonde is going to out gross John Wick ($43m) by the time it wraps up and should  reach $50m domestic (on a $30m budget) before tapping out.

Fair or not, I expected this Charlize Theron action opus to have been a bigger deal

Atomic Blonde Domestic Cumulative Box Office Records

Weekend Box Office Performance

Date Rank Gross % Change Theaters Per Theater Total Gross Days
2017/07/28 4 $18,286,420 3,304 $5,535   $18,286,420 3
2017/08/04 7 $8,157,555 -55% 3,326 $2,453   $34,037,930 10

Daily Box Office Performance

Date Rank Gross % Change Theaters Per Theater Total Gross Days
2017/07/28 3 $7,108,190 3,304 $2,151   $7,108,190 1
2017/07/29 4 $6,581,920 -7% 3,304 $1,992   $13,690,110 2
2017/07/30 4 $4,596,310 -30% 3,304 $1,391   $18,286,420 3
2017/07/31 5 $1,808,905 -61% 3,304 $547   $20,095,325 4
2017/08/01 4 $2,555,890 +41% 3,304 $774   $22,651,215 5
2017/08/02 5 $1,723,300 -33% 3,304 $522   $24,374,515 6
2017/08/03 5 $1,505,860 -13% 3,304 $456   $25,880,375 7
2017/08/04 8 $2,427,770 +61% 3,326 $730   $28,308,145 8
2017/08/05 7 $3,376,720 +39% 3,326 $1,015   $31,684,865 9
2017/08/06 7 $2,353,065 -30% 3,326 $707   $34,037,930 10

Weekly Box Office Performance

Date Rank Gross % Change Theaters Per Theater Total Gross Days
2017/07/28 4 $25,880,375 3,304 $7,833   $25,880,375 7

Atomic Blonde should be able to surpass the original John Wick, which made $14.4 million in its debut back in 2014. The reaction to Blonde, while not overly enthusiastic, is on the positive side of the spectrum, encouraging genre fans it’s a ride worth taking. Thanks to a stylish aesthetic and Theron’s performance.

Atomic Blonde has enough going for it to make it a success, even without U.S. audience participation.

Opening weekend the movie was expected to earn around $20 million and that threshold was met with Atomic Blonde earning $21  million dollars.

Yeah Right, I don’t Want To See Her Kicking The Bad Guys Asses.


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