Understanding Fear of the 'Other' In White America

Sometimes it’s better to look elsewhere

in order to get a fresh perspective on America’s white citizenry.  Of course not all white people should be generalize, [That’s a given].  But for those whites who voted for Trump, this scenario could conceivably play in their minds, even though they probably never saw this documentary.


It’s difficult for me to fathom the deplorable conditions that these individuals are facing.  Nonetheless I see why Donald Trump was so successful in his fear mongering.

Whites [And I KNOW Not all whites feel like this way!] have had 8 years to simmer in fear and building resentment under President Barack Obama, despite Mr. Obama trying to increase dialogue concerning race, he was indicted as a race monger by a group who was never been affected by race given that they are white. 

If a particular group has never experienced the effects of systematic racism, then of course any mention of the word “Race” seems inflammatory to them.

Take A Look At How A White American Handles The Issue Of Discrimination:

These same people were the ones to say that President Obama was the MOST devisive president, yet they never admitted that this aloleged divisiveness and their accompanying anger stemmed from the face that his perceived race was an issue.

I use the word “perceived” because President Obama is BIRACIAL,  he is Not ‘Black’ despite his claims to the contrary which were done to appease the African American community.

That is why he did little to specifically help them during his term in office.

A former professor once told me that he was afraid that if blacks gained power in America that he would suffer from the same fate of discrimination from blacks. 

However I doubt it given the state of African America. with all the internal chaos and conflict.

Then there’s the fear of White genocide and if I lived in Africa [Any part and IF I were FULLY white] I could understand how some would be living in fear.

However I don’t see white genocide  happening in the U.S. so it’s ridiculous when I see videos on YouTube posted by  White Supremacists (They think they can clean their reprehensible image up rebranding with the name “Alt-Right”), well when I see videos stating that being anti-racism means being anti-white, I become perplexed.  Does this mean being pro white also means being pro racism? Well that’s not a good thing.

I really only had a problem with two residents of Coronation Park: The woman who is considered a ‘Leader’ had a bizarre notion that because Apartheid [pronounced: Apart-Hate] only ended 20 or so years age that Black AFRICANS should ‘Forgive and Forget’ and my 2nd problem was with the artist who said that everything that black Africans learned White Afrikaners taught them.

I previously wrote about attending protests in the 1990s to free Nelson Mandela, I have read extensively about the Soweto Massacre and  the Murder of activist Steve Biko by South African Police.

The atrocities are numerous and considering that 60% of black Africans are still living in poverty there is NOTHING to forgive.

White Afrikaners failed their own people in Coronation Park by leaving them behind while they maintained their wealth.

NATIONALIZE the South African Diamond Mines [YES I am referring to De Beers] and then maybe, just maybe the marginalized [BOTH: Black and White] will forgive and move forward.  However no-one should ever forget the atrocities associated with Apartheid.

Coronation Park is proof that the legacy of Racism and Xenophobia is as detrimental to whites as it is to people of color.