unfortunately rare

 Not-with-standing Broughton’s past with Gascoine assassinated  male spy that was alluded to at the start of Atomic Blonde, Delphine Lasalle  is Lorraine’s only romantic distraction.

It’s not an afterthought, it’s a fully-fledged subplot told in a few meaty scenes. Neither is it overly emotional; it’s treated the same way a male spy’s dalliance would be. Without distractions, Leitch centers the romance, creating a world where lesbian relationships are just as valid as any other.

There are no offensive jokes, no one has to come out, Lorraine never has to explain herself, like when Violet had to justify her lesbianism to Corky, in BOUND? Or even decide whether she is lesbian or bisexual. Oh Bullocks, Really?

No wonder lesbians didn’t flock to see Atomic Blonde in droves on it’s opening weekend, we all know how we love to process and over-think sh!t.

Aside from telling a guy at the bar they’re not interested, the fact that Lorraine and Delphine are together is hardly mentioned, I fcuking love that!!!

See some of us dykes are old school, we already have established identities and we know who we are.

it’s nice but some of us don’t need a ‘safe’ space to explore our identity and we already KNOW that being “Triggered” comes with being an out. lesbian.  Therefore Theron’s adult approach to this relationship was not only refreshing, but it was LOOOONG Overdue.

Guess what b!tches?:

There is no scissoring in Atomic Blonde (Thank the Goddess for that).

This is the only test you’ll ever need to discern whether or not a lesbian sex scene is completely outrageous: Is there scissoring? Nobody does that. If they do, it’s because they saw it in a movie and they want to see if it works. It does not work and it NEVER worked!

If there’s no scissoring in a lesbian sex scene directed by a man, you can breathe a little easier knowing the filmmaker was more interested in naturalism than in fulfilling a tired male fantasy. Did you see any goddamn scissoring in the movie: BOUND? Hell, to The NO!

Charlize can do no wrong, (Well except maybe for the one time that I know of where the black community dragged Theron through the mud for her cardinal sin of indulging her young son Jackson by allowing him to wear an Elsa Frozen Costume in public! Really black people?  Again you focus on stuff that really isn’t the biggest issue affecting the black community.)

So let’s be real and move on: How did director Leitch know what was natural for a lesbian sex scene? Hmmm, Ms. Charlize is there something you’d like to share with us?

Well, Theron  did shave her head to play cutthroat women’s liberator Imperator Furiosa in “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

She also shocked Hollywood back in 2003 by gaining 35 pounds to play lesbian serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Patty Jenkins’ “Monster,” a risky move early in her career that paid off with an Oscar win.

Christina Ricci and Chalize Theron in Monster

Charlize has been a steadfast and outspoken ally for LGBT rights throughout her career, voicing support for marriage equality in countless interviews. She played gay when it wasn’t cool or hot, and she just so happens to be doing it again now that it is.

So fucking get your sh!t together YO! And go see Atomic Blonde in the theater B!tches.

Lesbians need to  trust Charlize’s judgment; you all should know your representation is safe in her hands,  even if you rather it be in her bed.