TEKgirl Presents: MUSE

Time 2 Get Your Read On

For those of you who will invariably complain about the hetero-normative ethos of this movie: GET OVER It!  I love a good tear jerker and any actor that can pull it off gets an A in my book.

Look out Barbra Streisand your classic rendition of Evergreen is about to be subsumed by Lady GaGa’s: Never Love Again

Lesbian movies can also be like this and in fact BECKS came close to capturing the general struggle of a musician dealing with fame love and loss.  But of course and maybe due to to budgetary constraints like most lesbian media there is always a certain lack of emotional depth in the characters.

Luckily for viewers, the Movie Becks featured an Academy  Award winning actress (Christine Lahti) in a major role.

Enjoy the weekend movie:


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