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Wentworth Fans Rejoice! Wentworth Renewed for Season 5

I don’t know the date the new season starts but I wish it was as early as January 2017, but it will probably be in May.

I for one am hoping that Allie isn’t dead dead, to which end I have scrutinized every word that Bea Smith uttered in the Season 4 finale promo.

I am happy because on Wednesday July 20, 1 day after episode 11 aired, Wentworth took to Instagram an announcement everyone has been waiting for. They posted a photo that had Wentworth in capital letters with “Season 5” and “Coming 2017” underneath.

Wentworth Prison

It has already garnered 1,870 likes since then.

Fans are still traumatized with the events of Wentworth season 4 episode 11 as the photo has a mix of comments of “please don’t let Allie die”, “you cannot kill Allie”, and “i can’t believe we have to wait that long”. Although no one is entirely sure whether or not Allie will still be alive until the next episode, for now everyone is hoping that Allie will live.

In Wentworth’s official Instagram account, a fan commented saying, “I think they took Allie out in the episode just so in season 5 Bea goes insane and takes back her jail!!!!!”

I think she does that also, but I hope it’s not because Allie isn’t dead, but because Bea Smith is Da’ Shyt as Top Dog!

If you weren’t able to watch Wentworth’s recent episode, Bea stepped down as top dog to be with Allie. However, who is Queen Bea without being Top Dog? Also, Bea will not be Bea if Allie is no longer there. It may be safe to assume that Allie will still be alive. Another fan commented in Wentworth’s Instagram photo writing, “I remember Kate Jenkinson saying in an interview that she will still be part of season 5.”

In the preview for for the season 4 finale, I noticed that when Bea Smith spoke about Allie after finding Novak in the ,showers that Smith didn’t refer to her lover in the past tense, which is a good sign.

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