UPDATE 3.9.2018 to: What Happens When…

The trailer is BACK ONLINE!

When a movie is set in the barren landscape of a post-apocalyptic world, where a person from one of the last known safe-havens and a robot named go on a daring journey of – one that winds through the violent and desolate world of the Wastelands?

No you DON’T get the premise to Mad Max Fury Road:

Or Even:

What you get is a mish-mosh of unoriginality,  in James Franco’s Cheap ‘Mad Max’ Knock-Off: Future World.

Feast your eyes upon the Future World trailer and see what you can make of it. Oh wait! You can’t because the  Goddess Awful trailer was REMOVED   only hours after it was posted.

I mean COME ON Hollywood! Can we an original idea? I know it’s Millennials doing the writing and that is the problem.  Maybe it’s time to let Generation Z take the helm like they took it for  the March For Our Lives!

In fact what  Hollywood studios should do to avoid another debacle like this Franco Fiasco is this: When a movie is made and it goes on to win the Academy Award for BEST Picture and Best Director, then DON’T make that movie AGAIN! It’s Been Done and done successfully at that!

But alas we are once again stuck with a low-grade knock-off of a great movie: Mad Max: Fury Road in a mishap featuring Lucy Lui, Milla Jovovich, James Franco and Snoop Dog and Suki Waterhouse (a.k.a: The woman who turned down the offer to be actor Bradley Cooper’s: “Baby Mama”).

I can’t help but wonder: “They’re joking right??”

The film looks heavily inspired by the world of Mad Max, and it features Franco in a performance that would make even Tommy Wiseau (of the worst movie ever: The Room and the subject of Franco’s film The Disaster Artist) suggest he tone it down a tad.

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