What We Want To SEE Damn It!

What We Want To SEE Damn It!

Strong Women playing STRONG characters. We live in a youth obsessed world, where women become devalued after they reach a certain age in the entertainment industry. Even if a female character is allowed to have a major role (like in ABCs Mistresses) they are dumbed down to the nth degree like clueless Joss (albeit she seems to be cognitively coming around).

I say Frak that sh!t producers and writers are constantly underestimating viewers and that’s probably because as the saying goes: The “Squeaky Wheel” gets the attention and who’s more attention seeking that the multitudes of dumb asses who take to the Twittersphere and other social media?

So are these anonymous dullards who are wrecking what viewers want? In the case of Wentworth, I’d venture to offer that they are not anonymous and they think that they are very clever.

HoweverBea Smith‘s death can very well blow up in the producers and writers faces and well it should!

Who the hell gets rid of an award winning actor that was the major character? The glue that held it all together, What the hell!

Plus I am OLD School, if Bea goes down then ALL those bitches Go DOWN!

This isn’t some lame-o Alex and Piper crap (I got over my lady crush on Alex in season 1 of OITNB),
This is about a woman who is a Bad Ass onscreen AND in Real Life, and my friends THAT is what I want to see:

Danielle Cormack


Danielle Cormack in Thailand

Yeah I have watched Rake, but I binge watched Wentworth. Forgot most of what I watched and binge watched it again. Follow that up with some off screen pics of Cormack in a tank top and motorcycle boots and voila! Say hello to the newest member of my Forever Crush Club.

Dan you’re such a tease:



Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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