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Why doesn’t Alexa Chung look Asian?

Alexa Chung without make-up

Television presenter, model, and fashion designer, Alexa Chung is Hella’ pretty, so pretty it’s maddening!

I mean I have Chinese friends and granted their eyes are rounder than the Japanese and some other Asian groups, but still, I mean really?  This woman looks like a white model of western-European origin.’

Alexa Chung’s parents

Asian Dad +

Asian Mom

= Non-Asian looking Children

OK so was mom ‘cattin’ around with?

Whoever wrote the comment below was SPOT-ON!!!!

“To me, Chung looks as Asian as Kate Beckinsale, a British actress of only 1/8 Asian descent, and in saying this comparison I mean that Chung does not look non-Anglo to me at all.”

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