WTF Is This About?!

I Mean COME ON!  Why aren’t those other lesbian oriented blogs reporting on this? I’ll tell you why: It’s scary and we sure don’t need to think that there is a serious cognitive issue going on with Hillary Clinton, particularly since those sites are Hillary’s unofficial cheerleaders and don’t really care about their readers.


Did Hillary Clinton Have a Seizure? by a-san2


She doesn’t do press conferences.  Apparently having many journalists speaking at one time causes some sort of visibly discernible and uncontrollable physical reaction.

The two women who are asking the questions laugh nervously, not knowing if Clinton is joking around.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when numerous people ask questions at the same time, but there are effective ways to handle sensory overload: Clinton could have said “One Question At A Time Please” or put up her index fuimger to signal STOP. However I don’t know what to make of this seemingly involuntary physical reation or the way she snaps out of it and moves on without answering the question is as if the questions didn’t register.

Sites like AfterEllen and Dorothy Surrenders will NEVER report on something like this and even though I WILL still vote for Clinton (As opposed to odious Donald Trump), it is with reservations.

In fact the ONLY thing that kind of quells my anxiety is that I like Tim Kaine and as First Husband former President  Bill Clinton is there to lend a helping hand. Because seriously what the hell was that seizure the result of?

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