You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me….

How in the world did I miss the announcement of this? I will tell you exactly how.  See what had happened was that the  election of our first Orange Orangutan/Human hybrid for president has got me all twisted up in the head. I mean almost everyday there is some scandal (Or at least I think it’s a scandal because of the hyperbole spewing Washington D.C. talking heads and media WONKS.

Now couple that with the NONSTOP Out Of Control train ride that the Show WENTWORTH Season 5 has me on and hell I haven’t had time to  engage in substantive spring cleaning much less keep up with my Number Two Blonde of all time: Charlize Theron, Silly girls my number one blond is and will always be HRH Grace (Kelly) Rainier of Monaco, number three is Scarlett Johansson with blond hair.

Sad to say, but Scarlett Johansson did not give me the blockbuster I look for every summer from her. 

Ghost in The Shell let me down, more so because of the bad publicity it received for not featuring an Asian in the lead role.

Normally this type of casting wouldn’t bother me, however with the election of the 45th president and the emergence of his racist and idiotic minions, a sour after taste has developed  in my mouth.

But the Goddess of All that is good n’ sexy NEVER LETS me down EVER!…ENTER:


BTW; I KNEW that Blonde was always spelled with an ‘E’ at the end. Dan  Quayle was right after all.

Sofia Boutella, director David Leitch, actor Charlize

“It’s not something we see enough of in cinema, these kinds of relationships or exploration,” said Theron. “It’s very real. And we’re so scared of it. And it’s beautiful in the film. It’s very sexy…Charlize Theron)

Now what on earth could Theron be referring to? Well watch the movie’s trailer and see if you can guess…


CHARLIZE THERON’S Atomic Blonde co-star Sofia Boutatella .

Sofia Boutella at CinemaCon.

Sofia Boutatella CinemaCon. (Photo: Gabe Ginsberg, WireImage)

Ever notice how they always talk about how “technical” filming the love sccenes in movies are.  Male actors always seem to wind up really pursuing their female co-stars in real life, but we never hear about actresses who have love scens with other female actors. Hmmm, just saying…