Okay, so the other day I asked my assistant if they remembered when I said that I was no longer going to post pictures of other women on my blog (Unless I am specifically writing a post about them). They remembered.

See I rationalized my decision not to post random pics of other women when the photos of me come out this good:

Also, since I don’t get comments for this or any other post I have disabled the comments to ensure that the HATERS practice their trade elsewhere, and you know who you are.

My assistant agreed, especially when I added that I’d be a FOOL to not exclusively post these photos.  

Granted the photos are enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (Ai) but that’s only in the context non-biological elements and biological elements likethe shape of the eyes (Asian or not), and some body types.

I am not morbidly obese

Those of you who think that you ‘know’ me are aware first hand of how I Look.


 In All Transparency, I also am not shaped like some of the bikini-clad examples.

At Least Not Anymore.

Nonetheless, I still have to provide the facial structure and other attributes which are Easy On The Eyes, andYES  I did go BLONDE but  not for the reason some of you may think.

TEK-girl as Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe
Yep, it’s true I’m a Blond in real-life








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