An Open Letter to the Trans and LGB+ Community

However to me, now everything is making more sense. Shanquella was attacked by Dajhanae Jackson because of being born a biological female and other factors.
I bet those who stood by and did nothing are probably also in the LGBT+ community.
My assistant watched the video and remarked that the attack was based on hatred and envy. I asked if they thought that the perpetrator is trans and they said they saw a stronger person attacking a weaker person who wouldn’t fight back.
As a lesbian of color I have lived long enough to know that Trans Women (Particularly Trans women of color,)and GAY MEN (Particularly Gay men of color) harbor an an unwarranted hostility, and disdain towards LESBIANS and CIS women BECAUSE WE WERE BORN FEMALE.
Some members of the younger generations may disagree with me nonetheless in my personal experiences it’s  true and Heaven forbid, you are a lesbian or a CIS woman AND, and Attractive (By societal standards) as well as well as financially successful (Like Shanquella was), the envy and hate gets ramped up exponentially.
There are people who will argue that African AMERICANS SHOULDN’T WHINE ABOUT CRIME WHEN MOST OF IT IS BLACK ON BLACK, Well, the same holds true for amti-rans bias/ hate crimes. Trans Women and Gay men cannot cry because CIS men are hostile them, when they take the same actions towards CIS or biological women, and I am aware that Homophobic/Anti-Trans crimes VASTLY outnumber the other types (Anti-CIS bias is generally non existent, and CIS phobia is absolutely NON-exist ant) whereas violent crimes against LGBT people occur disproportionately more often than the aforementioned crimes against CIS women, still that is not an excuse, and trust me when I write that black men on YouTube are already blaming the Trans community for this murder…Shanquella voluntarily went to Cabo with not only her killer, but also those who were complicit in her murder.
It’s obvious that Shanquella was unaware of the level of hate these people held against her, as she probably thought that they were her friends and she their ally (Regardless of their sexual orientation), she basically trusted them to the point that she didn’t feel that her life would be in danger. what A Betrayal.