Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Leaving The Democratic Party-She’s always been a c#$!

So, here’s my take on this entire thing:  Kyrsten Sinema has always bent over to take it up her @$#~! in favor of the Republican party. 

Just as I began to feel relief, that the Democrats will finally be able to accomplish their policy goals, this b!tch decides to finally reveal the true nature of her character as she transformed from Radical Activist to Senate Obstructionist.

  1. Senator Kyrsten Sinema
    This TRAITOR B!tch Couldn’t Resist Taking One Last Parting Shot At The Democratic Party.

When I was in GRADUATE School, one aspect of my studies focused on how we interpret the world IS Influenced BY THE CULTURAL ASPECTS OF OUR INDIVIDUAL IDENTITIES.

As a result, even though I am not a resident of Arizona, I was happy when I learned that Sinema a woman who is openly bisexual (Yeah I Know, but I decided to give her a chance,) and at one point, was even an activist.

So I thought cool, she’ll have our (The Democratic Party) backs.

In my previous post announcing Rev. Warnock’s senatorial win over Hershel Walker,  I mentioned that Sinema could possibly be the obstructionist that she had previously been, wen it concerned President Biden advancing his agenda.  Yet I hoped beyond reason that she wouldn’t be, but true to form Sinema pulled a move right out of Human Resources at government agencies.  She waited until Friday to drop her bomb, using the weekend as a buffer before she has to face her colleagues in the senate.

This is what happens when the government fires you, they will wait until Friday because then you cannot access departments that could assist you in fighting termination.  And you cannot wait until Monday because you are fired and had to relinquish your ID and can no longer access the premises.

Getting back to the topic of sense making: As humans we will more often than not attempt to understand a person’s motives though speculation and inference.  Humans particularly love to infer meaning to a person’s actions.

Doing so helps us to establish the false notion that we are actually in control. 

So, for the weekend of December 10-11 prepare to see pundits on news shows explain why Sinema did what she did, and why it will either help of hurt the President’s ability to further his agenda.

So why NOW? Couldn’t she have declared herself an independent a long time ago? Ummm, YES. 

Kyrsten Sinema KNOWS that she is not well liked by the public or by members of the Democratic Party.  She is a prime candidate for a Class A A$$ Whupping since she thinks that constituent concerns over her obstruction antics concerning the President doesn’t matter and is only something that only happens in Washington D.C.

This B!tch ignores the fact that her antics have national implications, like when she voted against raising the minimum wage, or her attempt to derail infrastructure, which directly impacts the lives of hard-working Americans, many of whom are as disappointed as I am, maybe even more if they live in Arizona..