Those Lips! Jesus Cripes that’s a Bit Much, and Giving Me some major PORN Vibes but maybe I’m projecting.


Ana de Armas is celebrating her Golden Globe nomination! She CERTAINLY deserves it!

Ans de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in BLONDE on NetFlix.Ana de Armas (right) ntakes on the role of Marilyn Monroe (left) in Netflix’s Blonde film and the resemblance is uncanny.

The list of entertainers was revealed Monday, with de Armas nominated for Best Actress in a motion picture for her work as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde.

She shared a gallery of photos on Instagram holding a bouquet of roses thanking the Golden Globes in the caption, “What an incredible surprise!”

The Cuban actress found out she was nominated while on set filming Ballerina. “There’s nothing better than receiving and celebrating the big news with the crew on set,” she wrote.

It looks like she has the same hair and makeup professionals from Blonde working on Ballerina. She posed with the Emmy Award-nominated Jaime Leigh and Roesler Kerwin, writing it was “amazing” to be working with them again. “This recognition goes to them too because they killed it in #Blonde. THANK YOU!” She also hashtagged the film’s director, Andrew Dominik.

Other actresses nominated with de Armas, are Cate Blanchett for (The insufferably LONG) Tár, Olivia Colman, for Empire of Light (Her last good movie for me was ‘The Favourite’), Viola Davis, for The Woman King, and Michelle Williams for The Fabelmans.

Her nomination comes after Blonde was met with controversy, as many thought it exploited Monroe through a misogynistic, traumatic lens, that wasn’t factual. Emily Ratajkowski called out the film, saying it fetishized female pain.  This from a woman whose ENTIRE career (Modeling) is based on the ‘Fetishization’ of women.  This is why you should never teach a model big words.

De Armas recently addressed the backlash, saying it’s hard for audiences to understand that it wasn’t supposed to be a biopic.

“I think that’s what has been tough for the audience to understand about the movie; the emotional truth is so powerful in the film that it’s hard to separate that it’s not a biopic,” she told Eddie Redmayne for Variety.