‘GOT TO BE REAL’ (Cheryl Lynn) Cover by The HSCC –

One of, if not the BEST Cover Band Around!!

Source: ‘GOT TO BE REAL’ (Cheryl Lynn) Cover performed by Kat Jade accompanied by The HSCC

She did Cheryl Proud!

Of Course NOTHING Beats the Original.



The Hindley Street Country Club is a collection of South Australia’s finest musicians led by founder Constantine Delo

Members Include
  • Steve Todd – percussion.
  • Danny Lopresto – vocals.
  • Dusty Stephensen – vocals, guitar.
  • Sarah Lloyde – vocals
  • Kat Jade – vocals.
  • Dave Ross – keyboards.
  • James Muller – guitar.
  • Tzan Niko- guitar.
  • Sam Leske – guitar.