In the Stone, AFTER The Love – (EW&F cover), Ain’t Nobody (Chaka Khan & RUFUS cover) – Leonid & Friends

Leonid & Friends


Ksenia Buzina is a Russian singer and musical artist who was born on September 28, 1989 in Chita. Since childhood she was fond of music and languages. She attended The Children’s Art School at the Department of General Aesthetic Education.

Buzina rose to fame after  her appearance in The Voice of Russia. She was also a contestant on the TV show Golos, the Russian version of The Voice, in 2014. However, she appeared in only two episodes.

For me though, Buzina is best recognized as the only female member of the band Leonid & Friends as it wasn’t until I saw her singing back-up on the Earth Wind and Fire opus – In The Stone that she caught my attention, amd  am so glad that she did.

Source: In the Stone – Leonid & Friends (EW&F cover)

The Original

After The Love Has Gone

Source: After The Love – Leonid & Friends (EW&F cover)

Ain’t Nobody

Okay, let me just put in the disclaimer that NOBODY beats Chaka Khan when it concerns Chaka’s vocals, therefore it goes without saying that even though Ksenia Buzina is no exception to Khan’s vocal supremacy, she does give us her all. 

Besides her Russian accent is darn cute to listen to  as well.

Source: Ain’t Nobody – Leonid & Friends (Chaka Khan feat. Rufus cover)

The Original

YEBBA’s Heartbreak (Drake & Yebba)


Don’t get it twisted by thinking that my interest in Ksenia Buzina is because she’s an attractive white woman with rhythm, because she can SING!!!!!!


LEONID and Friends

CAST Of Characters

Leonid Vorobyev – bass, transcript of the musical source, producing, mixing, mastering, video-montage

Igor Dzhavad-Zade – drums Danil Buranov – lead vocal

Sergey Kurmaev – Steinway piano, synthesizer, backing vocal

Ksenya Buzina – backing vocal (In The Stone) , lead vocal (Ain’t Nobody)

shaker Vasily Akimov – claves, backing vocal

Konstantin Kovachev – guitar

Michael Puntov – synthesizer, backing vocal

Andrey Zyl – trumpet Valery Martynov – trumpet

Maxim Likhachev – trombone

Oleg Kudryavtcev – tenor sax

Artur Gilfanov – trombone

Gleb Fedorov – trumpet

Jacob Zakh – Rhodes piano

Rei Frometa – conga

Norlan Maturell Rodrigues – bongo Yunior

Salvador Perez Espronseda – timbales Strings – Caro-Bass Orchestra

Alexey Sedov & Kir Popov – video shooting Special thanks to CineLab SoundMix Studio and Gigant Record Леонид Воробьев – бас-гитара, расшифровка музыкального материала, продюсирование, микс, мастеринг, видео-монтаж Игорь Джавад-заде – ударные Данил Буранов – вокал Михаил Пунтов– синтезатор, бэк-вокал Сергей Курмаев – Стейнвей рояль, синтезатор, бэк-вокал Константин Ковачев – гитара Ксения Бузина – бэк-вокал, шейкер Василий Акимов – клавес, бэк-вокал Андрей Зыль – труба Валерий Мартынов – труба Максим Лихачев – тромбон Олег Кудрявцев – тенор сакс Артур Гильфанов – тромбон Глеб Федоров – труба Яков Захваткин – Родес пиано Рей Фромета – конги Норлан Родригес – бонги Сальвадор Эспронседа – тимбалес Струнные – Каро-Басс Оркестр Алексей Седов и Кирилл Попов – видеосъемка Особая благодарность студиям СинеЛаб СаундМикс и Гигант Рекорд