Harlem season 2

Season 2 of Prime Video’s Harlem is finally here! But, after a whopping 14 months of waiting and worrying is the show would even be renewed (Why worry? Because that’s how they do us,) so YAY! ~ AMAZON has renewed Harlem for another season, but in addition flipped the script by releasing episodes weekly.

I’m Okay with that though, because I’d rather have something to look forward to, instead of binge watching the entire deason in 2 sittings, then worrying if the show will be renewed for 14 months.

Season 1 of Harlem ended on the dramatic cliffhanger of Camille and Ian kissing while bride-to-be Mira watched on.

I am playing catch of as I’ve only watched  S2.Ep1, will post impressions in a few days.  In the meantime Enjoy this recap of season one.