Infinity Pool – A Head Trip Of A Movie Impression

SLUG: While staying at an isolated island resort, James and Em are enjoying a perfect vacation of pristine beaches, exceptional staff, and soaking up the sun.But, one night b they venture outside the resort grounds with another couple and find themselves in a culture filled with violence, hedonism, and untold horror.

Full Disclosure, I watched Infinity Pool the latest horror film by Director Brandon Cronenberg (son of FAMED Body Horror’ director David Cronenberg  over the weekend, along with some edibles.

The film follows James Foster (Alexander Skarsgård)

Cleopatra Coleman as Em Foster
Cleopatra Coleman as Em Foster in Infinity Pool 2023 movie

A failed writer who is taking a vacation in a fictional third-world country with his wife Em, Cleopatra Coleman as Em Foster in hopes of finding inspiration for his next novel.

When James becomes tangled up in a crime, he is ultimately left with two options: be executed or pay a large sum of money to watch a clone of himself get executed.

The theatrical cut hitting U.S. screens is rated R, so a handful of shots that included sex and disturbing gore will likely have been trimmed if you plan on buying a ticket. For this review, I have only seen the t NC-17 rating. 

There’s this orgy scene, and full disclosure, I was wondering where the hell everybody suddenly came from. I mean isn’t Gabi’ giving us reverse cowgirl enough?

Written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, the mind behind Possessor and Antiviral, this film follows a writer named James (played by Skarsgård), who’s experiencing writer’s block years after the release of his debut novel. A resort vacation on a remote island,

Mia Goth in Infinity Pool

Mia Goth as ‘Gabi Bauer’ in Infinity Pool 3023

There have been many discussions about how Infinity Pool is dazzling with its visuals, but not so much with the storyline..WAIT, WHAT?! G.T.F.O.H!

Once you’ve seen the orgy scene that occurs during the 2nd half of the movie you will never quite view Mia Goth through the same lens again.

I find the film’s screenplay to be wildly original and full of substance.  also one of the easiest-to-follow films I have seen as of late.

Even though Alexander Skarsgård as the James Foster character does not say much throughout the film, he never once feels underwritten, and this is thanks to an incredible performance by Skarsgård.

 This movie impression  would be incomplete without mentioning Mia Goth. Whether it’s the ‘Does’ she or ‘Doesn’t’ she bleach  her eyebrows? Goth undoubtedly steals every scene that she is in. When asked if she bleaches her eyebrows Goth answers that her eyebrows are naturally light, nonetheless I bet that she does the occasional lightening touch-up.

Particularly since she is not playing some behind the barn hayseed that only dreams of being a porn star, but actually gifts viewers with her portayal of an aggressively seductive lemme fatale.

In the Film’s Credits Goth gets second Billing right after Skarsgaard, however some reviewers have moved her to the near end of the credits when she should be listed write after Skarsgård’s name.  Let’s be honest,MIA Goth soaks up every scene she’s in.



Although she had much more to work with in her previous role in Ti West’s “Pearl,” I honestly think this may be her best performance yet. It’s certainly her most adult role to date

She brought such demented energy to every scene she was in that this film honestly would not be the same without her.

Even though we are only just over a month into 2023, I can see this film ranking in my top 10 by the end of this year.In fact I have watched the movie several times because because that’s how good the performances are.

The movie masterfully creates a sense of unease and horror, keeping the audience on edge from beginning to end with all those clones.

The film’s practical effects are stunning as well, (Even if a tad reminiscent of the movie BRAINSTORM) and the score is so beautifully haunting that it complements the overall harrowing atmosphere of the film perfectly. Horror film practical effects are like my bread and butter, but only if it is done right.I just cannot figure out how these practical effects uses tomato soup, or dental mouth openers.

Infinity Pool is a must-watch for science fiction and horror fans. Cronenberg has proven himself by  delivering a film that is equally thought-provoking as it is terrifying and bloody. Grade: A