Cate Blanchett’s Mean Girls Approach Awards Shows

In a four-decade career already In a career marked by trailblazing and unprecedented achievement for female performers, Michelle Yeoh just notched a big one: becoming the first Asian woman to win the Academy Award for best actress.

Yeoh’s Oscar-winning performance in A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once was the first time the Malaysia-born actress had been No. 1 on a Hollywood call sheet, playing a struggling laundromat owner and lifelong loser who finds herself the savior of the multiverse (and learns to reconcile with her long-suffering husband and estranged daughter in the process).

Yeah, I knew that Blanchett wasn’t going to win the Oscar for best actress.  But I don’t appreciate the judges giving her an award, just because.

The Academy used to do the same thing with Meryl Street.Streep was always getting nominated for best actress

They nominated her just because.


There is a  scene near the end of the movie  Mean Girls when Cady breaks the prom-queen’s tiara and tries to split it among the whole school.

Here’s an Oscar Prediction: Prepare for a Surprise.

Cate Blanchett tried to embue (a.k.a inbue) profound insight into the Meta Verse that is commonly known as Awards Season by  metaphorically doing the same thing  that Cady did in Mean Girls when she  accepted the Best Actress award for Tár, saying that it was ‘wack’ (* something that really sucks) for  her to be winning.  Hmm, that’s what I’m saying, and NO it’s not-so-much because I want Ana de Armas (nee: Caso) to win the Oscar for Best Actress (Even though I do, why wouldn’t I? LOOK at Her!)

Ana De Armas (real name Ana Caso)at the 95th Academy Awards, it’s because I DON’T want Cate Blanchett to win, that’s right, I SAID It, and I WILL say it again: Cate Blanchett did not deserve to win a Critics Choice Award, S.A.G, or Oscar or even an Oscar for her role in the movie Tár!

Look, I hold no hatred for Blanchett goodness knows she is on myannuall Christmas video watching list, but when she said ‘I can’t believe I’m up here. This is ridiculous!’ 

She couldn’t have been more right!  ‘ I’m so old!’ (Shut Up Cate,) “Thank you, and thank you to all my fellow nominees.” 

So much for taking a stance that rejects ageism in Hollywood, and thanking the other nominees for what? It’s as bad as when Taylor Swift blasted Niki Minaj on Social Media, and then Taylor saying: ‘Nikki when I accept my Next Grammy award, I want you to come on stage with me,’ What?!

“Look, I would love it if we would just change this whole fucking structure,” Blanchett said (Me too especially because she’s so white she’s nearly…well, let’s just say that it’s a look that I am sick of seeing).

“It’s like, what is this patriarchal pyramid where someone stands up here?”In a perfect world, Lydia Tár (Who doesn’t exist) would be standing on a stage with every woman who has ever acted in anything ever”.

I guess her ill-founded speech is her way of saying that she knows that she did not offer the year’s best performance.

“Why don’t we just say there was a whole raft of female performances that are in concert and in dialogue with one another? And stop the televised horse race of it all?”

WHAT?! WTF is she blathering on about?!  Why doesn’t Blanchett just say that she doesn’t deserve an Oscar for playing what amounts to nothing more than a Lecherous Narcissist  of a Dyke who is able to mark a beat with a stick. 

I know, I know those are very harsh words coming from a lesbian, but all I can respond is ‘Oh Well’  maybe if the Critics Choice awards and the Golden Globes weren’t such sh!t shows this year I’d take a different approach in this post.

Blanchett drones on with  “Can I tell you, every single woman — whether television, film, advertising, tampon commercials, whatever — you’re all out doing amazing work that is inspiring me continually,”  and is why she should have given her award to: Michelle Yeoh,  Michelle Williams or, yes even my girl Ana de Armas (Read all about my getting all dressed up for nothing at the Golden Globes HERE).

Sacheen Littlefeather

Besides Marlon Brando gave up his Oscar for Best Actor in the Seminal Godfather movie,. having his award intercepted by Sacheen Littlefeather (There’s a whole ‘nother controversy there).

“So thank you. I share this with you all.”…Shout-out to all the tampon-commercial girlies; Cate Blanchett sees you!

The Academy Awards were originally dreamed up as a union-busting tacticl, so even though  Blanchett’s comments have a historical precedent, just remember this is Hollywood, so all those changes that occurred when Fredi Washington appeared in Imitation of Life? She played a biracial daughter who passed as white, but since Washington could successfully pass as white in real life the power brokers in Hollywood came up with new rules that would affect actors of African descent for years and years.  There’s nothing to guarantee that Blanchett’s call to action (if that’s indeed what it was,)  carries any weight, to even come to fruition.

You’ll have to wait for the Oscars to see if Blanchett has figuratively made an uprising happen by building a coalition of actresses against the petty competition of awards shows.

Or maybe people will wear pretty clothes and accept awards — Yeah, That Sounds About Right.  So, I’m holding out for an upset.