Me & My BOO

Okay, this is the final post of My Artificially Intelligent video compilation of (Computer generated) Wifey and Me (At least for now).

Artificial Intelligence means that everything (Except for My Face) is computer generated.

Which is why I (For the life of me) CANNOT understand why some barely post-pubescent ‘Karen-In-Training’ feels so goddamn entitled as to comment on any of my channels or galleries what I should or should not title my posts!!! 

FLABBERGASTED, I checked this site’s analytics, and Surprise, Surprise, this site is mostly viewed by individuals aged 15 and younger.  Yep, that’s YOU ‘Kitten’.

Personally I think that some spoiled little girls or some pathetic low rent trash, lacking life’s most rudimentary social skills, picked up some Karen ‘DON’TS’ from their primary care caregiver. 

So listen Up!!

All self-entitled B!tches, it’s fine by me if your under developed brains only support bloggers that coddle your insolent  asses, just don’t visit this site or any of any of my other social media sites whether on: YOUTUBE, Pinterest , Imgur etc, and tell me what to post or not post, because unlike Dorothy, I will treat you like that insolent brats, who likes to play act as an adult mouthing off at adults only to whine that you are a child, when you become afraid of the inevitable, virtual ‘B!tch-Slap’ you signed up for. 

See, I am old enough to understand your line of thinking, because once someone reaches my age (136 y.o.) having life pretty much under control (Meaning exactly the opposite).  I am still young enough NOT to care if the brat annoying me is under 21.

So Yah, that’s about it for now.

Have A Great Weekend