I Don’t Care What They…

There are some who love to claim that Cleopatra was of Greek descent, but having acheived post graduate level of education in Western European Colonization, I have long doubted such claims.

It wasn’t until I watch Chilean Actor Lenore Varela in 1999’s Cleopatra, that things began to change for me:


Actor Lenore Varela in 1999 Television mpvie CVleopatra
Actor Lenore Varela in 1999 Television movie Cleopatra

did I begin to feel that an effort was being made (However minimal) to use an actor of color.  I write this to convey how Vexed I was  that so many racists were lambasting the choice of Varela because she is too Dark!Cleopatra wasn’t a white woman. 

History is written by the conquerors of other cultures, and the most effective way to establish one’s self as the victor is to control another culture’s language, historical reference, and religion (Which are all achieved through Cultural Dislocation).

Hhmm, maybe that has something to do with the way Florida Goverrnor Ron Desantis is losing his fucking mind and trying to ban learning about Gay and Trans people who were essential in the Civil movement, or with his bullshit war on a woman’s right to control her own body and on the notion of being ‘WOKE’.


Watch Lenore Varela in Cleopatra 1999

Of course this was before I learned how the delusion of White Supremacy, creates a mental pathology in some persons of European Ancestry, where even of most removed ancestor of color causes the ‘One Drop Rule’ to go into effect.

In fact I remember several years ago when Angelina Jolie was slated to portray the late ruler, and I was like here we go again, and it not like I felt that Jolie would do a terrible job in the role, but she would have been just another white woman and Elizabeth Taylor filled that gap with her 1964 portrayal of Cleopatra.  I mean it’s only taken almost 25 since the online uproar over Lenore Varela being ‘Too Dark’ (Seriously, white people).  I wrote this post the moment the First Trailer for Queen Cleopatra dropped.


Needless to sam over executive producer Jada Pinkett-Smith).


S’s Cleopatraource: Queen Cleopatra Official Trailer Netflix – video Dailymotion