Sweet Thing – Once You Get Started –

RUFUS Ft.  Chaka Khan

UPDATE:  Ain’t Nobody was just certified PLATINUM!!
Al these years after that appearance on Soul Train ACCESS Hollywood anounced that the song Ain’t Nobody was certified PLATINUM!!! 2023
Gosh this appearance on the Midnight Special
occurred in the 1970s, still these songs are as timeless as they ar memorable.  I guess mt only critque is Chaka choosing to appropriate native American culture, but is she?  Well she is a descendant of the Blackfoot Tribe, Khan wants to bring attention to what the  the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is going through on Thanksgiving as tragically ironic & unacceptable. Let us all support their protection of water & land. Find out what you can do to help at http://standwithstandingrock.net/ #NoDAPL 
Her Indigenous Roots are clearly evident iin that long luxurious hair (That AIN’T No Weave).